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If you are not sure which service would best suit your needs, feel free to give us a phone call or send an e-mail for assistance.

Nutrition: Registered Dietitian Consultation
Professional nutrition counseling serves as a foundation to developing a program to address a myriad of conditions. Although weight management is at the forefront of our specialties, obesity is often accompanied by many other conditions such as diabetes, high cholesterol levels and hypertension just to name a few. Lifestyle Management Solutions offers Registered Dietitians to work with individuals through a “lifestyle approach” verses “diet mentality” by designing individual plans that meet the clients needs as well as interests. Diets don’t work! If they did, there wouldn’t be so many of them out there. Most diet plans involve elimination of certain foods or perhaps entire food groups. There is no need to eliminate the foods you love to eat. Rather Lifestyle Management Solutions focuses on finding ways to work those foods into your plan because we understand that the best eating plans are ones that you enjoy and can sustain for life. We offer sample menus for those having difficulty getting started as well as great recipes and nutritional tips to keep you motivated and on track to reach your goals. Our grocery store tours can help you understand how to make healthier choices when you are out shopping based on nutritional label reading. Computerized dietary analysis and interpretation is also available.

Physical Activity: Certified Personal Training
Whether your goal is to lose weight, develop muscle tone, or decrease your risk of chronic health issues such as heart disease or osteoporosis, physical activity is key. Designing a safe and effective workout with a Certified Personal Training professional is critical in your overall wellness plan. Our training packages are uniquely customized and can be offered individually or in small groups. They are designed to provide you with exercise instruction and guidance on proper form and can be performed in or outside a gym environment. Biometric fitness analysis and interpretation is also available.

Psychological & Social Support
Individually or part of a small group, Lifestyle Management Solutions provides the support and motivation to help you lose weight, attain greater fitness levels and maintain your overall healthier lifestyle. One hour small group workshops are fun, educational, but above all supportive. A new topic is introduced each week and discussions follow. Visual aids are often used such a food models for portion sizes, handouts/class notes, as well as exercise and cooking demonstrations. Our group education can be delivered in the form of seminars, lunch n’ learns, or lectures on numerous topics. Examples of lecture topics include healthy snacking, exercise-how much and when, dining out, holiday eating strategies, dietary supplements, do your heart right, grocery store ground school, nutrition label 101, and an 8-week group weight loss series. Also, be sure to check our blog page for announcements regarding group workshops held at the Lifestyle Management Solutions office. Registration forms for any of our group education workshops are located here.

NEW! Online Program/Telephone Access
Lifestyle Management Solutions now offers our clients a member only site to support you in reaching your goals. This site provides you with tools, tips and resources that are designed to enhance your overall program. As a part of this online community, you will have personal access to your program consultant online or over the telephone each week. This is also a convenient option if your schedule doesn’t permit in office appointments or if you are located outside the San Gabriel Valley area of Southern California.

Corporate Services-Employee Wellness
Most of us spend the majority of our waking hours at work. Therefore this venue makes it most effective for promoting a healthy lifestyle. Corporate wellness programs benefit both the employee and the employer in many ways. Benefits of corporate wellness programs to employees include: Weight reduction, improved physical fitness, increased stamina, lower levels of stress, and increased well-being, self-image and self-esteem. Benefits of corporate wellness programs to the employer include: Enhanced recruitment and retention of healthy employees, reduced healthcare costs, decreased rates of illness and injuries, reduced employee absenteeism, improved employee relations and moral, and increased productivity.

Current and former corporate wellness programs have included:
• Nutritional Seminar Series
• Group Weight Loss Series
• Work/Life Balance
• Cafeteria Menu and Vending Machine Revamping Project
• Noon Walking Programs

E-mail Lifestyle Management Solutions with your corporate wellness goals to receive a quote and personalized plan tailored to the needs of your company and employees.


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Lifestyle Management Solutions is a nutrition counseling and consulting practice that specializes in weight management and overall wellness and disease prevention. The program incorporates optional personal training and psychological support services. The text presented on this site is for information purposes only and it not a substitute for professional medical advice. Do not use this information to diagnose or treat a health problem or disease without consulting a qualified health care provider. If you have any questions or concerns, please consult your health care professional.  

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